[Update: Version 2] Common 1H-NMR shifts of impurities in different solvents

Screenshot of the excel sheet
Today I'm offering you a new program of mine, an excel file, with which you can easily check your 1HNMR- spectra for commonly known impurities. Lots of people know a document from Organometallics, a paper where you can also find this information, but this list is very large and finding the accurate impurities takes a long time.

To get the program without reading much further just visit this link.
With the new online features of Microsoft office you're able to look at it directly in your browser, too. But downloading is also possible.

I often worked with this Organometallics paper and even more often forgot some important impurities or got many of them wrong because you really have to look some time in this many-numbers-containing list. By the way, the original paper can be viewed and downloaded at different resources here.

The main work for me was - in a first part - getting the numbers from the PDF file and loading these in Excel. That worked half-well, as Excel likes to make dates out of those numbers and as gaps between the ppm numbers didn't make life easier.
But somehow after about three hours I had the list in Excel and started programming the interface, which is when you know how excel works only a question of hours, not knowledge.

Finally I implemented a translation possibility, to easily being able to switch between English and - the language I speak - German.

I hope this program makes life easier for you, and helps you find the according impurities for your synthesis.
Again here the  download link.

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