The Real How-To: Download private VIMEO or MANYVIDS or other videos (like from Patreon)

There are multiple how-tos on this topic (downloading videos from sites like vimeo.com, manyvids.com etc.) that do not work which you probably already clicked on. Check out this one: it works :)
Of course, you can only download videos that you can also see or open in your browser. Blocked videos or pay to play will remain dark.


[Update: Solution] TP-Link MR6400: internet only works over Wifi, no wired internet connection? Some webpages and programs load, some do not? A solution!

I recently bought the TP-Link garbage router MR6400. Everything worked fine, as I only browsed the internet on my phone over Wifi. I then realized that my connected Philips Hue had no internet connection and a LAN-connected PC also did not get internet. I also yould not access the router (via from a LAN device. The firmware (december 2020) says up to date,
version 1.1.0 0.9.1 v0001.0 Build 200511 Rel.43036n

The provided solution from TP-Link says: enter a new
DNS (, which actually changed nothing, as expected. 

Also the provided information that your IPv4 IP-Address must show (see TP-Link page here) is garbage! I write this post and my IP is, so the same that I use to connect to the router.

The solution: plug off the router, plug in all LAN devices, take out the sim card, plug in the router, wait for 1 minute, then plug in the sim card after the boot procedure. Voila. My pC and my Hue get internet this way. I guess it's a firmware issue, but TP-Link acutally does nothing but publish nonsense workarounds that do not help.

Second problem: on my computer, some programs and webpages were getting internet access, some not (for example, steam shop works, steam download only sporadically, google.de does not work, two minutes afterwards it works,...).

The solution: disable IPv6 on your computer'
s network adapter. It seems this is too new for TP-Link. I didn't try disabling in in the router settings, as only manual network provider search would work in this case. What the hell are these guys at TP-Link doing? Selling garbage hardware in combination with garbage firmwares.

Please write a comment if it did / did not help you. Thanks :) 


The Best Alternative to Google Play Music

Finally, Google ends its Google Play Music service in 2020. Users can now copy their files to Youtube Music, the follow-up service. Lots of websites and blogs (here or here or here) want to provide you with ideas for a reasonable alternative service and tell you the pros and cons. Well, they try to but lack some important information - let's see why :) 


Neuerdings schlechte Qualität bei originalen Piaggio Vespa Anbauteilen wie Gepäckträgern?

Piaggio scheint seit kurzem ein Problem mit der Qualität seiner Vespa Anbauteile zu haben - wir sind sehr enttäuscht über den gelieferten klappbaren Vespa Primavera 606001M Gepäckträger.

Vielleicht wurde im Zuge von Corona 2020 ein anderer Zulieferer gewählt, ich habe auf meinem einen SEGIS Aufkleber und es sind deutliche Lackfehler, Schweißnähte und ähnliches zu sehen. Im Internet findet man jedenfalls ganz andere Bilder und eine andere Qualität, im SIP Scootershop (wo dieser hier nicht bestellt wurde) heißt es "Zubehör aus der PIAGGIO Linie zeichnet sich durch hervorragende Chromqualität aus. Sehr hoher Qualitätsstandard, perfektes Oberflächenfinish und hohe Passgenauigkeit. Durch ein aufwändiges Lötverfahren sind keine Schweißnähte vorhanden". Naja das ist zwar hier kein Chrom wie beim Piaggio Vespa 1B000789 Gepäckträger, aber von hohem Qualitätsstandard weit entfernt. Aber seht selbst bei den folgenden Fotos:

Naja, dieser hier ging zurück an den Händler, der mir allerdings versichert hat, dass es ein Originalbauteil war.


The common Bose Soundlink Mini II battery charging issue. And a solution.

Bose Soundlinks tend to lose the ability to be charged after about two and a half years - combined with a repair cost of about 80$, this is really not nice, especially as a new machine would cost much more.

What however works for me is a downgrade of the formware version. Or, better to say, re-grade, as only the current formware (1.1.4) can be installed on the update page https://btu.bose.com/. So you go to that page, plug in your Soundlink Mini, and it tells you you actually have the formware you need. Then we need a little hack. Press the following secret combination while being on the update screen in order to enable options for downgrading: 'a' 'd' 'v' '<up arrow>' '<down arrow>'. Do the downgrade/upgrade/regrade (which takes about 2 min), and the Soundlink will charge completely afterwards. 

Well, not the best method since you need to do it always but.. better than 80$ :)


Digitizing a signature from a photograph - from a picture to a transparent, smooth signature with adobe illustrator


Digitizing a signature is pretty easy, at least if you have the Adobe Illustrator (AI) software at hand. The following short tutorial will show you how to start with a photograph and finally get a transparent signature to sign your documents, like a CV, with.


Asus FanXpert 3.0 (AI-Suite III) - A Common Problem + Solution

Asus FanXpert Version 3.0 / 4.0
Asus FanXpert, QFan and AI-Suite III is sometimes causing trouble when you reinstall the software, or some registry errors occur. In the following, an alternative version is offered which should work in this case.



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