The Real How-To: Download private VIMEO or MANYVIDS or other videos (like from Patreon)

There are multiple how-tos on this topic (downloading videos from sites like vimeo.com, manyvids.com etc.) that do not work which you probably already clicked on. Check out this one: it works :)
Of course, you can only download videos that you can also see or open in your browser. Blocked videos or pay to play will remain dark.

At first, we need chrome and jdownloader 2. Easy. Free. Get it :)

Second, open your whichever page with the video you can see but not download. Now we need the Chrome Inspector, like explained here.

Then we click on the network tab, insert the word player, and go to the page with the video.

When we update the page by clicking reload, the free space there will fill.

You then just select the entry with the number and copy it as fetch. Or, if that does not work, click copy response. viola:

JDownloader now inserts the links (usually automatically) and asks for a passwort on vimeo, just skip this. The video is now in your downloads list :) in an entry like playlist(720), you will probably find video yources without audio. The ones with about 1 GB are typically your video, but the number is different from above (for example, above we selected the element 54674.., but the video in 720p is named 844577683.mp4. Just begin a download and directly open it with VLC player, to see if you are correct; it should be able to open the file without a complete download.

For other sites like manyvids, the entry you select is named different: In this example, copy as fetch worked when selecting the transcoded.. entry. To get that one displayed, simply do not enter player in the network tab, but leave it empty to show everything. As you click on play on your video, it will anyway be one of the last entries (so, on the bottom) of the list appearing in the network tab in chrome.

Leave a comment if it worked.

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