Asus FanXpert 3.0 (AI-Suite III) - A Common Problem + Solution

Asus FanXpert Version 3.0 / 4.0
Asus FanXpert, QFan and AI-Suite III is sometimes causing trouble when you reinstall the software, or some registry errors occur. In the following, an alternative version is offered which should work in this case.

In this video from YouTouber NitRaM, a version called FanXpert 4.0 is published, which is basically a very clean version of the Asus AI Suite III only featuring the fan control part. See his Youtube Video for the download link, alternatively, get it here.

I could not install the original Asus program Ai Suite III on my computer any more, and always on startup of the program got errors like dipawaymode.exe crash (which can usually be found in the folder Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III\DIP4\DIPAwayMode), and fan control was no more possible. After deleting all files (also in folder Program Data\ASUS) and installing the special version (and especially following all instructions in the txt files therein), it works fine for me now.

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